Control weeds with fewer chemicals

Quick-growing cover crops out-compete and suppress weeds

Protect your farm from unpredictable weather

Cover crops’ deep roots support water infiltration and improve field accessibility

Build more productive soil

Cover crops build organic matter, grow soil biology, and enable nutrient cycling

Cover crops can help you solve agronomic challenges and produce carbon credits. We can help you find the best cover crops for your farm.



Single Species

Multi-Species Blend

Cereal Rye

Quick growing rye out-competes small-seeded weeds like pig and chickweed, and allelopathically supresses summer weeds like dandelions.

Cereal Rye



Planting Window

Fall/Spring Seeded

Planting methods

Drilled, Broadcast, Aerial

You walk out in a field that’s got nothing but fallow soil in there and it’s completely bare, it’s very hot when it’s 100, 110 degrees out. You can feel the heat radiating off that field. You walk out into a field full of cover crops and it’s almost cool and has a little more humidity to it. It’s almost its own microclimate.

Quinn Johnson

Grower in Whitney, NE

We know cover crops aren’t free. Offset costs and maximize profitability with Carbon by Indigo.



per acre per year

Implementing cover crops is one way to generate high-quality carbon credits via Carbon by Indigo. Growers who implement multiple practices such as cover crops, no-till, and nitrogen reduction see the highest earnings. Prices for high-quality, registry-issued carbon credits like ours are increasing rapidly and as prices increase your payments will grow.

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Profitability Strategies: How to Make Cover Crops Work for You

Profitability Strategies: How to Make Cover Crops Work for You

Learn more from Indigo

Why use Cover Crops

Why use Cover Crops

Maximize profit and carbon sequestration

Maximize profit and carbon sequestration

Increase Nitrogen

Increase Nitrogen

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Legal Disclaimer: The Cover Crop Selection Tool is provided for informational purposes only. Any recommendations, calculations and predictions are estimates based upon current information made available to, and/or utilized by, Indigo. Actual results may differ among growers and farms based on a large number of variables. Indigo makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to any results or outcomes in connection with such recommendations, calculations or predictions.

The payment estimates are hypothetical estimates only based on generally applicable assumptions that may not be applicable to any individual operation. Payment estimates are not guaranteed. Actual payment amount will be based on soil carbon outcomes, which may be affected by a large number of variables. Terms and conditions apply. All payments under Indigo Carbon are: (i) on a performance basis based on the number of verified carbon credits generated on enrolled land; (ii) subject to 5-year vesting and payment schedule contingent on continued long-term maintenance of regenerative agricultural practices and soil carbon levels; and (iii) a buffer pool holdback of up to 20% of carbon credits generated to protect against reversals, which credits are not eligible for payment.