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The Dawn of a New Harvest

Tap into the voluntary carbon credit market.

Carbon markets are booming. In our first credit issuance, 267 farmers from across the country were paid for sequestering carbon within their soils.

Farmers who start today can maximize their opportunity as carbon credit prices increase.

Explore the program at no cost and with no commitment.

Indigo's program is open to farmers who

Grow many types of row crops

on at least 150 acres

in qualifying US states

Explore the program at no cost and with no commitment.

Beyond Credits: How can carbon farming benefit your operation?


Lower input costs

Increasing carbon organic matter improves soil fertility, which reduces the need for synthetic herbicides and fertilizer.

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How Carbon by Indigo compares to other programs

More farmers are eligible

More farmers are eligible

Our program is available to farmers in 30 states growing most types of row crops, with the potential to add more states in the future.

Registry-issued credits

Registry-issued credits

Carbon by Indigo is the only program currently issuing credits through a third-party registry—giving them an unparalleled level of quality carbon credit buyers are eager to invest in.

Capitalize on growing markets

Capitalize on growing markets

Demand is growing rapidly for registry-issued credits—in the first year of our program alone, the value of our credits increased by 35%. Farmers are paid in cash and always take home at least 75% of the carbon credit sale amount, even as the price of carbon credits increase.

Major corporate buyers

Major corporate buyers

Carbon by Indigo has major global companies lined up to buy carbon credits generated by farmers in our program.

We win when farmers win

We win when farmers win

Because Indigo and farmers share the value of the credit sale price, Indigo is incentivized to continue building buyer relationships, investing in science, and helping farmers earn the most from their carbon credits.

Explore the program at no cost and with no commitment.

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